Our web tool allows you to explore various interactive graphs, contrasting our PTEC scenarios with those in the IEA’s World Energy Outlook 2019.

These comparisons can help visualize some of the differences that can occur when incorporating endogenous technological change into energy forecasts. We further encourage you to read Sections 3-5 of our report. This will help you better understand how we constructed our scenarios.

DataPTEC Ref.IEA Ref.
Total Primary Energy DemandFigure 1Figure 1.1
Total Final Energy ConsumptionFigure 2Table 1.3
Electricity GenerationFigure 3Table 1.4
Final Energy Consumption by SectorFigure 4Figure 1.4
Costs of TechnologiesFigure 5N/A
Greenhouse Gas EmissionsFigure 6Figure 1.6
Sankey Diagram ComparisonN/AN/A